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Главная страница » 2011 » Июнь » 19 » Джордж Цонтакис • "Man of Sorrows" для ф-но с оркестром
Джордж Цонтакис • "Man of Sorrows" для ф-но с оркестром

Теги: Tsontakis, Цонтакис

Джордж Цонтакис • "Man of Sorrows", концерт для ф-но с оркестром
Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Andrew Litton | Stephen Hough, piano
запись с концертов (мировая премьера) 15–18 сентября 2005
Eugene McDermott Concert Hall | Morton H Meyerson Symphony Center | Dallas, USA

Джордж Цонтакис (*1951) - американский композитор греческого происхождения. Преподает композицию в Bard College Conservatory of Music (Annandale-on-Hudson, США).

01 Man of Sorrows, for piano & orchestra: Ecce homo

02 Man of Sorrows, for piano & orchestra: Es muss sein(?) - Labyrinthus

03 Man of Sorrows, for piano & orchestra: Lacrymosa (Stabat Mater)

04 Man of Sorrows, for piano & orchestra: Gethsemane: Shards

05 Man of Sorrows, for piano & orchestra: Jesu Joy - Crucifixus

06 Man of Sorrows, for piano & orchestra: Vir dolorum (tanquam oves erravimus)



пароль: aliomodo
Категория: аудио | Просмотров: 1501 | Добавил(а): leo-tech
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Всего комментариев: 5
1. Татьяна (татьяна)   (19 Июня 11 14:08) [Материал]
Скрипичный концерт был неплох, думаю, и этот тоже порадует.
И за Рапиду спасибо :)
Гугловский переводчик перевел Man of Sorrows, как "Христос"...

5. Александр (alexandr_p)   (17 Июля 11 13:33) [Материал]
А с маленькой - man of sorrows - м.б. и рядовой слушатель :)

2. Leo -kb- (leo-tech)   (19 Июня 11 14:24) [Материал]
Вот еще интересный материал (про Man of Sorrows там тоже написано: ".. medieval Byzantine icons of Christ, the Man of Sorrows .."):

Info (Hyperion):
Fresh from his conducting debut with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, the premiere of his cello concerto and the publication of his first book, Stephen Hough presents a new disc of fascinating repertoire. George Tsontakis is a giant of the American contemporary music scene and the recent winner of the prestigious Grawemeyer award and the Charles Ives Living. Hough’s recording of his Ghost Variations for Hyperion (CDA67005) was nominated for a Grammy. Man of Sorrows was written for Stephen Hough and was premiered in 2005. This recording is taken from the world premiere. The work demonstrates Tsontakis’ muscular, expressive musical language, influenced by Beethoven and Messiaen. Inspired by medieval Byzantine icons of Christ, the Man of Sorrows, the six-movement work explores in sound the composer’s response to the suffering and passion of Jesus as represented in these serene religious artworks. Hough himself has also written and spoken extensively on the relationship between religion and music and performs the work with extraordinary sympathy and understanding. George Tsontakis writes of his work: ‘By the time I began composing Man of Sorrows, I knew several things about it: that it would be cast in a religious dynamic and complexity, that Beethoven’s 33 ‘Diabelli’ Variations would play a part, that it would not be so much a ‘concerto’ as a tone poem for piano and orchestra with an abstract narrative, that it would be large-scale and that it would be dedicated to Stephen Hough, in essence and in spirit.’ This disc also includes iconic works from the Second Viennese School and a further piano work by Tsontakis.


BBC Music Magazine
George Tsontakis's Man of Sorrows is a six-movement mediation of nearly 40 minutes' duration on Christ's crucifixion. Brilliantly written for the keyboard and scintillatingly orchestrated, it reminded me of Messiaen's Turangalîla… The piece if superbly played and recorded, patently sincere and easily assimilable.

American Record Guide
This is a serious work of substance and integrity, challenging and rewarding, provocative in the best possible sense. It is performed here with the utmost care and devotion.

Audiophile Audition, USA
This excellent disc from pianist Stephen Hough and Hyperion showcases the piano works of American composer George Tsontakis in combination with works from the Second Viennese School … Tsontakis was recently awarded the Grawemeyer Award from the University of Louisville; it’s one of compositions’ richest and most prestigious prizes, and Tsontakis’ star is definitely on the rise … Man of Sorrows is a musical meditation on an image of a crucifix, and although there are religious undertones, there’s no overt program to connect the six movements. The music is sometimes startling and chaotic, but it has a seriously melodic current that runs throughout. Stephen Hough’s playing is magnificent, and Andrew Litton and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra provide superb accompaniment. The solo piano pieces that complete the disc offer a compelling link between the music of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. As usual for Hyperion, the sound quality is nothing short of superb. Man of Sorrows was recorded live, and the recording team did an excellent job of balancing Stephen Hough’s piano with the orchestra. On the solo pieces, the piano occupies a firm position in the soundstage and offers reference quality sound. Highly recommended.

Gramophone: 'A five-star performance and recording'

3. alex sidmak (sidmak)   (20 Июня 11 01:27) [Материал]
Благодарю за цельный диск!
В составе полном нововенцы!
А грек... Что грек? И он хорош!
Ничуть не хуже австро-немцев! :)


Также на диске представлены:

Schoenberg - Sechs kleine Klavirstuke
Webern - Variations for piano, op.27
Berg - Piano Sonata, op.1

Stephen Hough, piano

4. igor (igor120765)   (20 Июня 11 16:50) [Материал]
Соната Берга очень хороша!!!
Концерт местами дико красив по звучанию,и далеко не бессмысленнен,браво!Хорошая музыка от православного человека.

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